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FLIPS Headphones

FLIPS Headphones. Photo credit: Julie McElroy

Music can be a lifesaver on long plane rides, road trips, or quiet hotel rooms. As I often travel solo, music provides the solace I need. While headphones are nice when necessary, when possible, I like to listen to music through speakers. Yet I don’t want to lug bulky speakers around.

I recently acquired a pair of Flips headphones that also turn into speakers. Yep, headphones that are ALSO speakers. Why would you need that? Well in the one device does all world we live in, this is nice for travel.

In recent years, it seems the amount of electronics I bring with me when I travel keeps increasing. My MP3 player, ereader, laptop, and smart phone can all take up a lot of room in my carry-on.

Headphones are one extra device. For short trips, my ear buds are sufficient. However, on longer trips or if I will be in a hotel by myself, it is nice to listen to music without headphones. If you want to share your music with others, speakers are handy as well. This is where the Flips Audio come in.

How does Flips Audio work?

When you “flip” the earphones, they become hi-definition speakers that you can hook up to any device with a headphones jack. So even for those of you who still own a Walkman, it will work on that device, too.

When in the speaker mode, they do use a rechargeable lithium battery. If your device has a USB port, you can charge and listen at the same time. Otherwise, once charged, the speakers can last for about three hours.

The sound is actually pretty good, better than my laptop or my phone, so I like having them available.

When you want to keep the listening to yourself – say on an airplane – flip them back around. This is how you store them as well. Speaking of storing, included with your Flips is a protective carrying case, which includes a carbine for attaching to other luggage.

I have already mentioned what I like about these headphones, so what are some of the cons?

The Cons

1. For me, they are still bulky for certain types of travel. Earbuds you can roll up and put in your front jeans pocket. However, the carrying case makes it easy to throw into a backpack.

2. In speaker mode a battery is required, so they won’t last all day without a charge. This is the world we live in though – can’t go too far without an electrical outlet.

Overall, these are great gadget if you enjoy music or other audio entertainment.

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If you order through the website, you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. The site also contains a detailed FAQ, shows a video demonstrations of the FLIPS in action.

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I have truly enjoyed my “Solo to Social” headphones. Comment below on your experience with FLIPS!

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