Breakfast at Yolk in Streeterville is Yummo!

Lesson: Always ask two different doormen where to eat for a good breakfast.

Freebies in a hotel are inversely related to the price of the room.  The more expensive the hotel, the less free stuff you get.  In other words, when you are staying in a four star hotel on Michigan Avenue, you ain’t getting nothing for free, honey.  This means sans free breakfast like you may expect from a Holiday Inn.

There is no shortage of good restaurants in Chicago.  That is a given. There are plenty of reviews about the greatest places for dinner, but breakfast is not always widely covered. Or, maybe I just never really look in Zagat for the best place to get a veggie omelet.  I mean how often do I go out for breakfast in downtown Chicago?

Where is a good, cheap diner for breakfast within walking distance? was the question my mom and I asked the doorman at our hotel.  He didn’t even smile and muttered a place down the street.  We walked, but really didn’t know which left turn he meant.  So, we ran across a much friendlier doorman at the next hotel over.  “I’d recommend Yolk off Ohio, a few blocks up.”

Red Velvet French Toast

Red Velvet French Toast (Courtesy of IvyPink)

We found Yolk and it was packed.  A good sign.  But not when you are in a hurry.  10 minute wait.  Not a big lobby to wait in, so we stood between the bar and a family eating breakfast in a booth.  It was a beautiful day, so we hoped for an outside table on the patio.

Ten minutes turned into five minutes –  another good sign.  And the host headed towards the outdoor seating area.  Score!

The Service at Yolk

First, let me talk about the service.  Our waitress was friendly and brought us coffee right after we sat down. Her smiling face appeared a few minutes later to ask about out meal choices.  With a childish grin, my mom looked up at her and asked for the Red Velvet French Toast.  This is a breakfast item, yet should be a dessert.  I ordered plain old, healthy oatmeal, with a side of fresh fruit.

The Food at Yolk

Red velvet french toast

Gooey Center (by IvyPINK)

Ironic with the restaurant name and all, neither one of us ordered eggs.  But how often can you go to a restaurant and order Red Velvet French Toast?  Yolk also has Banana’s Foster crepes and a delectable plate titled “Chocolate Heaven.” Pure debauchery before 10 am.

Let me just tell you… I had a taste of the Red Velvet goodness, and I can’t recall anything I have eaten in the morning hours taste that good.  The gooeyness of the cream cheese middle mixed with the sweet baked bread and a slice of strawberry tasted fabulous as it hit my lips, tongue, and the back of my throat.  I think I even heard a satisified sigh from my stomach.

The syrup and butter would have just ruined it.  Order without unless sugar is a staple in your diet.

Oh yeah, the oatmeal was good, too.  The extra bowl of fruit provided a sweet addition to old-fashioned oatmeal. Since we didn’t have the eggs, I can only imagine how good their egg dishes must be.  But with a name like Yolk, I am sure the egg dishes match the level of quality our food had.

They also serve lunch items like salads and sandwiches if you happen to be there during lunch hours. Yolk shuts their doors at 3  pm.

So, big thumbs up in the coffee, the food, and the service.

The only negative I can see is the small waiting area.  With a restaurant that is that packed at 10 am on a weekday, a little extra space for waiting could reduce the I-don’t-know-where-to-stand feeling.  I think the one on Michigan Avenue is bigger.

I realize the title of this blog is a little Rachael Ray-ish, but you get my drift.  Yolk is one of the best breakfast places I have eaten at in recent years (sorry Denny’s).  Yolk is no joke!

Okay, aside from my corny title and quips, if you are within 20 miles of Yolk, go there.  If you are not near the one on Ohio, check out the original on Michigan Avenue, across the street from Grant Park.

You won’t regret it.  Oh, try the eggs, and let me know how they are.

6 Responses to Breakfast at Yolk in Streeterville is Yummo!

  1. Wow, this looks really yummy! I have to remember this for future Chicago trips.

    Monika Fuchs September 8, 2011 at 8:07 am Reply
  2. Breakfast is one of my great loves in life so thanks for this review. As soon as I tell my husband about this, he’ll want to take me there next time we’re in Chicago. We LOVE a good breakfast joint.

    Ooo, that Red Velvet French Toast looks to die for! Good choice by your mom – though I could not eat that without ordering some eggs. Gotta have some protein to go with all that starch otherwise my blood sugar takes a big dive.

    I adore anything made with cooked bananas, so the Bananas Foster crepes also sound like a must. But with something called “Chocolate Heaven” on the menu, how would I decide?! I guess I’d just have to go there three mornings in a row to make sure I tried all the goodies.

    Thanks for a fun review and I loved the yolk joke. Your site is beautiful and I enjoy your conversational writing style.

    ~ Milli

    Milliver's Travels September 11, 2011 at 9:17 am Reply
    • Thank you very much – I hope you come back again! And definitely go to Yolk!!

      Julie September 13, 2011 at 7:06 pm Reply
  3. “Freebies in a hotel are inversely related to the price of the room. The more expensive the hotel, the less free stuff you get.”- this is weird, definitely will not happen in u come to my place, kota bharu malaysia.

    Kota Bharu February 24, 2012 at 8:49 pm Reply
    • I know! Isn’t that funny?

      Julie March 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm Reply
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