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Taking hard criticism as a writer can be devastating, especially if there is nothing positive to ice the stinging pain. I do know how important it is and even necessary. Sometimes, it just takes time to get up after the blow and get back into the ring. Normally, I can take it pretty well. However, the last criticism I took from the Matador Writing Course hit me hard. And a long while to get back up. So, I stopped the course.

It was not a consciouse decision to quit, but I think I lost motivation for awhile. Then, time just passed by and I didn’t get back to it.  Plus, I didn’t do much traveling this summer. Excuses, excuses.

With the new year coming up, I think it is time to lick my wounds and jump back in.  In the end, I know it will be worth it and hopefully my writing will improve.  The Matodor Travel Writing Course is not for the light-hearted, but it will help you improve as a travel writer. If you listen to the advice and move forward.

I am ready.

I hope to share my posts here on my blog and learn a ton from this course. Wish me luck and please check out the MatadorU Travel Writing Course if you are looking to become a professional travel writer. Yes, if you click on links here and sign up, I will get a small commission – so thanks!

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  1. I am too receives criticism on the way I wrote my articles, I am an upstart blogger who writes about resorts in the Philippines
    . I’m really working hard to improve my writting skill and will check this course that you mentioned. Thank you..

    Phillip Beach January 2, 2013 at 7:28 pm Reply

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