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In the world of online advertising and Web 2.0, things change constantly to keep up with the growing competition, search engine adaptations, and the popularity of the website and blog itself. Search engines change their algorithm on a regular basis and website owners have to adapt.

With competition constantly growing in the endless corners of the Internet, it is more and more important to get your business advertised on another related website.

The Travel Beat welcomes advertisers, but unlike many blog sites out there, I will not subject mine with links and banners that are in unrelated niches. I do welcome sites that are travel related, since that is why readers visit my website – to learn about travel.

Since I am particular on the websites I promote, I prefer to know the URL ahead of time. The website must be travel related. If you have any questions, please contact me.

What advertising options are available?

125 x 125 Banners

Cost: $35/month
I will place a banner (that you provide) in my sidebar. This must be relevant for The Travel Beat readers and subscribers. If you do not have a banner, please let me know, and I can have a graphic designer create one for you (for a small fee).

Available: YES.

Other Advertising

I will consider other advertising, but all advertising must be related to food or travel and NOT for the sole purpose of getting backlinks (ex. “if you travel to Greece, be sure to lower your environmentally-friendly thermostat before you go.). I have the right to turn down all advertising I do not think is an appropriate fit for the blog and my readers.

*ALL of my posts go on to social media with over 700 Facebook followers and over 4,000 Twitter followers.

Available: YES.


I am not taking guest posts right now, but there is a good chance this will change down the road. If and when I decide to accept guest posts, they will ONLY be related to travel or food. Period. If you have other topics, please read my guidelines on Inspired to Write, where I am accepting guest posts.

Currently, these are the only options for advertising. This is of course, subject to change.

Disclaimer.  The following links to websites will not be accepted:

  • sites that contain misleading, false, obscene, hateful, pornographic or otherwise illegal material
  • any form of fraud, or software, film or music piracy
  • sites that portray offensive or harassing material to other users
  • downloading commercial software or any copyrighted materials belonging to third parties, unless this download is covered or permitted under a commercial agreement or other such licence
  • introducing any form of malicious software
  • links that are redirected or misleading in anyway

Please contact me and include your website’s URL for consideration. In your message, also include detailed information like anchor text, post topic, and what type of advertising you are interested in.

Due to external factors like traffic and popularity of this blog, all prices are subject to change at the website owner’s discretion. 


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