Do you enjoy expensive caviar, rent luxury cars on your vacations, and only eat at the finest restaurants? If so, this is not a blog for you. Thank you for stopping by.

On the Cheap, On your Own

On the other hand, if “budget” or “cheap” are part of your vacation adventures, WELCOME! I will admit, it is part of my vocabulary when planning my travel itinerary. I look for bargains, ways to save a buck or two, and embrace flexibility if it will get me a better deal. And The Travel Beat is where I share that information with YOU. You won’t find articles on luxury vacations or fancy dinners here (unless I find an inexpensive loophole).

I also travel solo often and look for ways to save money as a solo traveler. This is who I am – a budget traveler who has no fears of going it alone.

The Travel Beat is for:

  • anyone who loves to travel, but doesn’t have a large sums of expendable cash
  • solo travelers who have a sense of adventure
  • straight-forward advice and insight from first-hand experience
  • potential customers who are interested in having me publish a travel article to bring visitors to their city, hotel, restaurant, museum, or any other tourist site.
  • Publishers, media agencies, clients who need a local or worldwide travel writer to deliver a quality article.

Since I live in Colorado, you will find many articles on this fantastic state. But since I know there are plenty of places I have yet to see and share,  you will also find adventures as well from all over the world.

My love for experiencing new cultures and their history and architecture, nature, adventure, and the taste of a variety of cuisines drives me to travel the world.  Combining my passion for travel and my love for writing, I have made a career as a freelance writer.

My writing blog, Inspired to Write, focuses on writing in general from many different perspectives. I have added this additional site, The Travel Beat, in order to share my specific travel writing experiences with you.  Here, you will find photos as well as articles about my adventures, my travel writing experiences, and other travel inspiration.

Where Have I Been?

Take a look around and please contact me, if you have any questions or comments related to my writing or traveling!


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