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Australia’s Failing Economy Boosted by its Tourism Industry

The plight of the Australian dollar has been well documented, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to recover any time soon. Currently it is struggling somewhere south of the 70 cents mark against the US dollar. However, this depreciation of the Australian dollar hasn’t had a detrimental impact on all of its local industries. […]

Maintaining A Travel Blog When You’re Not Traveling

Since my Ecuador and New York trips last fall, I have not done any traveling. Sometimes life gets in the way, and your plans to travel just don’t happen. If you have a travel blog, it can be difficult to write regular posts when there seems to be nothing to write about. I realize there are […]

Los Angeles Travel Adventure Show

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to meet Rick Steves and pick his brain about all his European adventures? What about Pauline Frommer, the daughter of the guidebook author who gives us the insights to where to eat and stay when visiting foreign lands? I’d like to hear their travel advice. Maybe you don’t love to travel, […]

Five Travel Pet Peeves You Should Get Over

Ah, the joy of travel. The opportunities to experience new cities and cultures, capture beautiful landscapes and architecture, try new foods, learn about history and art, engage in fun or relaxing activities, and get away from life. Just a few reasons people love to travel. Yet travel has its share of stresses. Travel pet peeves […]

5 Ways to Use GPS Devices While Traveling

We have come a long way since the early explorers relied on the stars or a map and compass to discover the world. Technology has driven people to depend on satellites in the sky and a electronic device in their hand to find their way. These systems like the Global Positioning System (GPS), allow you […]

Would you Trust a Travel Company That Started 167 Years Ago?

Imagine booking a vacation and having complete confidence that everything will go as planned. Knowing that once you arrive at your destination, the holiday is yours to enjoy. Well, there is no way to be 100% certain everything will turn out exactly how you want it to. But with travel companies popping up all over […]

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Australia Through the Eyes of an Ordinary Man

I grew up as an eighties child, so one of my first memories of the land “down under” is a place where women glow and men plunder. Of course, at that time, I had no idea what Men at Work meant by that phrase. I’m not sure I even do now. Around that same time, […]