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Colorado Springs Fires Brings Community Together

The wildfires that burned in Colorado last year made headlines, specifically the one in Colorado Springs. I live in Colorado Springs and remember the devastation the fire brought to our city. That fire was referred to as “Waldo Canyon” since that was the origin of the fire before it jumped the ridge and burned 346 homes. […]

Great Sand Dunes in Alamosa Colorado

Great Sand Dunes in Alamosa Colorado

I have lived in Colorado for over five years now and had no idea that the highest sand dunes in North America are right over my nose. There are not many places where you can find creeks, forest, alpine tundra, and a massive sandy beach next to snow-capped mountains. That is what you will encounter at […]

Bikes Replaced Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Last year was the first time I had ever been to Crested Butte, and I was astonished at the colorful varieties of wildflowers that covered the fields and hills.  Hoping to capture more impressive landscapes of wildflowers, I invited my mom to go back with me this year. Unfortunately, due to the drought, the wildfires, and the lack […]

The Fires in Colorado and How You Can Help

Unless you don’t watch, read, or listen to national news or live or have friends in Colorado, you have probably heard about the devastating fires that are flaring up all over the state. One of those fires became frighteningly close this past weekend. Named after its origin, the Waldo Canyon Fire jumped a ridge into the city […]

Choosing to Take the Scenic Route in Colorado

When possible, make a U-turn. It took several miles before my GPS finally gave up and realized I was taking the scenic route home. I spent the weekend in Keystone, Colorado for a travel bloggers conference (TBEX). Instead of going back to I-70, I decided to take the backroads to Colorado Springs. I realize over […]

The Juxtaposition of People on Pearl

As I walked past carefree diners looking out onto Pearl Street from the windows of a rather expensive restaurant, a sense of irony washed over me. This feeling was induced by the homeless and vagrants I had seen just a few minutes before. On the same street. Spending the afternoon and evening wandering through downtown […]

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Australia Through the Eyes of an Ordinary Man

I grew up as an eighties child, so one of my first memories of the land “down under” is a place where women glow and men plunder. Of course, at that time, I had no idea what Men at Work meant by that phrase. I’m not sure I even do now. Around that same time, […]