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Taking hard criticism as a writer can be devastating, especially if there is nothing positive to ice the stinging pain. I do know how important it is and even necessary. Sometimes, it just takes time to get up after the blow and get back into the ring. Normally, I can take it pretty well. However, […]

Looking at Colorado Springs from the Top of Pikes Peak

As I scramble up the final ascent, I hear, “did you hike up here?” from a woman whose soap and hairspray fill my assimilated nostrils. Eight hours in nature seems to amplify perfumes and artificial smells. As I look at her flawless makeup and groomed hair, I say, “Yes. Yes I did.” There are actually […]

Publications To Submit Travel Articles

As someone new to travel writing, one of the questions I am constantly seeking answers for is, where can I submit articles? If you are a new travel writer, or even a veteran, I am sure finding places to publish your writing is a never-ending pursuit. There are so many publications out there and new […]

5 Ways to Use GPS Devices While Traveling

We have come a long way since the early explorers relied on the stars or a map and compass to discover the world. Technology has driven people to depend on satellites in the sky and a electronic device in their hand to find their way. These systems like the Global Positioning System (GPS), allow you […]

Join Matador U to Advance Your Travel Writing Career

Is it that time again to reassess our life? The new year is just around the corner and the lingering pressure to create new goals weighs heavy.  It is just one of those things we decide to do each year around this time. A new start. A fresh beginning. And all that talk about second […]


Australia Through the Eyes of an Ordinary Man

I grew up as an eighties child, so one of my first memories of the land “down under” is a place where women glow and men plunder. Of course, at that time, I had no idea what Men at Work meant by that phrase. I’m not sure I even do now. Around that same time, […]